I recently found a really cool Web site called Visuwords. You type in a word, and it gives you a cluster of related words that you can move around. It also has definitions for the original word and the related words. It's a dictionary/thesaurus you can play with. Me like. Here's the entry for the word "word."

It's a lot like a site I referenced on Friday,, but has three advantages:

  1. Visuwords doesn't take a bunch of time to load in a separate screen, like Visual Thesaurus does.
  2. You can play with Visuwords, both in dragging the entries around the screen hovering over words to get definitions. The dragging around is useless (but fun), but the definitions alone make Visuwords the better site.
  3. Visuwords is free. Visual Thesaurus is not. Nuff said.

Now go play.