A discerning post

The New York Times quotes Fox News' Bill O'Relly as using two interesting words in the first segment of his interviews with Barack Obama:

He told Mr. Obama he had “bloviated” in parts of his convention speech, but congratulated him on his early opposition to the war, saying he had been “perspicacious.”

I've heard bloviate before, and mostly knew that it meant (according to the OED) "to talk at length, esp. using inflated or empty rhetoric; to speechify or ‘sound off’."

Perspicacious was new to me though. The Times' handy double-click-on-a-word-for-a-definition feature gives this from the American Heritage Dictionary: "Having or showing penetrating mental discernment; clear-sighted." The OED gives a similar definition and this etymology:

Classical Latin perspicac-, perspicax having keen or penetrating sight, discerning; perspicere to see through, look closely into, discern, perceive (see PERSPECTIVE adj.)