Foreign worte

In Sunday's New York Times Magazine, The Ethicist, who answers letters on ethics questions, used an interesting German phrase to describe how a man should react to his friend's emotionally distraught wife possibly making a pass at him:

Everyone does foolish things from time to time, particularly when under stress. Such things are often best overlooked. (There’s a phrase for it in German: einmal ist keinmal. Loosely: once does not count.) If everyone were called to account for each utterly atypical marital gaffe made when the moon was full and the wine was flowing, civilization would collapse into a heap of rubble.

I liked the German phrase specifically since rhymes, and generally because I like foreign phrases with interesting meanings, so long as they are not overused. (C'est la vie, anyone?) One I like is sláinte, which is Gaelic for health. It's used as a toast, really meaning good health. It's pronounced slan-cha.

If anyone has any favorite foreign phrases, please share in the comments.