Coughing in a winter wonderland

out_my_window That's the view out my window from my couch, where I've been parked since yesterday morning. I have a mild cold or something, sore throat and a little congested. Not enough to keep me in bed, although more than enough to get me out of shoveling in this mess. Bonus. Of course, the past two days were also my weekend this week. Nothing's worse than being sick on the weekend. Even when it's Tuesday and Wednesday.

out_the_windoww_IIAnyway, here's some interesting things I've read while I've been slumping about my apartment under the gentle care of Halls Mentho-Lyptus® honey lemon cough drops with Advanced Vapor Action®:

  • John McIntyre lists 25 facts about editing at You Don't Say. Two that I wholeheartedly agree with: 22. You are allowed three exclamation points in your entire career. (I have yet to use any of mine.) And 24. Editing is just about the most fun you can have legally.
  • Craig Lancaster of Watch Yer Language discusses the Addictionary, which "gives folks an outlet to find and submit words that are as yet unrecognized by the authority dictionaries and yet have some currency for someone, somewhere."
  • The New York Times reports that The Washington Post is killing its Sunday books section, Book World. Here's the leaked memo. Damn shame. I liked Book World when I had a chance to look at it.

And my lights just flickered, so I am going to wrap this up. Power's been going out around town as ice snaps the lines.