Shouldn't copy editors get a day off for this?

All across the Web, language blogs are heralding the arrival of National Grammar Day today! Sharpen your tongues! Sharpen your red pencils! Prepare to take those who would mangle our fair language and throw them back into the oily depths from whence they arose! Just kidding.

The point of National Grammar Day is to use good grammar in your own speech and writing, not to use it as an excuse to go around correcting people's English. Everyone hates that. But encouraging clear communication through gooder grammar on your own part is a good cause any day of the year.

From the Web site of the The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, which created National Grammar Day:

Some of our members are planning Good-Grammar Potlucks at their offices. What do you serve at good-grammar potlucks? High-fiber foods, of course. They're good for the colon.

Ha! Or, as Animal of the Muppets would say: "Bad pun!" Then he'd bite you. But it's still funny.