When a typo might mean excommunication

Regret the Error, a blog that posts interesting newspaper corrections, had a good one yesterday showing how spell check can give you a very very wrong suggestion to correct a typo:

This is an early favorite for 2009's Typo of the Year. The Daily Universe, a student paper at (Brigham Young University, a Mormon school), recalled and trashed the full printing (18,000 copies) of its Monday edition after discovering a typo. Notably, it was a typo that could have offended the Mormon church.

The typo? The paper referred to the Quorum of the  Twelve Apostles -- a group of Mormon leaders -- as the Quorum of the  Twelve Apostates.

That's pretty bad. Why? An apostate is "One who has abandoned one's religious faith, political party, principles, or cause," according to the American Heritage Dictionary.

The newspaper's editorial manager,  Rich Evans, explained how the error happened on the newspaper's Web site:

"Our copy editor in charge of the front page, who was under deadline pressure, was using spell check on her page and had misspelled the word apostle," Evans said. "One of the first options that came up on InDesign's spell check suggestions was the word apostate. Unfortunately that's the one she clicked on. It still should have been caught by two more levels of review after that, but again with deadline looming, the worst possible thing happened."