Happy birthday to Talk Wordy to Me

Wow. Talk Wordy to Me turns one today. It doesn't seem like it's been that long. I've been resisting posting anything about the blog's stats, but today seems like a good day to let the geek loose and share some numbers about the past year:

  • Number of page views: 14,193
  • Total posts (including this one): 199
  • Total comments: 314
  • Most popular post (356 views): Pimp my word (more on this in a second)
  • Second most popular post (258): Jell vs. gel. Go!
  • Third most popular post (256): A myriad of misconceptions (Well, just one, really)
  • Fourth most popular post (168): Churchill might not have put up with that, but he liked to pedantically oppose this
  • Fifth most popular post (150): Play this game
  • Weirdest thing about the blog: The two most common terms people found my blog through via search engines are "pimp my words" with 102 instances and "pimp my word" with 86. The "Pimp my word" post  was an exploration of the origins of the word pimp. But apparently there are people who are looking for someone to fix up their dull words and make them ostentatious, like Xzibit does with beater cars in “Pimp My Ride.” OK, I'll give it a try. If anyone sends me a boring, beat-up old word in the comments or in e-mail, I'll add rims, a 42-inch plasma and a popcorn machine -- IN YOUR WORD! Or I'll just find a longer, more obscure alternative.

It's gratifying that after the pimp post, the next three most popular are ones that address confusing word usages. Many of those hits came from people searching for advice, and I'm glad that this blog has been useful to a handful of people beyond just amusing me.

Thanks to everyone who's read and supported Talk Wordy to Me in the past year.