Pimp My Word | Pilot episode

In yesterday's Talk Wordy to Me birthday post, I mentioned that my "Pimp my word" post (about the origins of the word pimp) was the most-viewed on the site in its first year. This is largely because 188 people found my blog searching for either "pimp my word" or "pimp my words." I didn't realize there was a market out there for a service where I take a boring, beat-up old word and make it ostentatious. (With thanks to Xzibit and “Pimp My Ride.”) So yesterday, I offered to pimp words, and I got two requests. I'll do one today and the other next week. And you can send in more requests via Twitter, Facebook, e-mail or in the comments below.

JD (The Engine Room) asked me to pimp the word blue.

How about we pimp that with one of my favorite colors from my big box of Crayolas when I was a kid: cerulean. American Heritage Dictionary defines it as "Azure; sky-blue" and gives this etymology: "From Latin caeruleus , dark blue; akin to caelum, sky."