Monday Quote Challenge | Introductory edition

OK, so there is no challenge. But I am discontinuing the Monday Quiz Challenge both because of a lack of new quizzes and a sharp decline in participation (from eight or so a week to none). Maybe the gimmick wore off. Time for a new gimmick: Words of Others. I am going to post interesting quotes each Monday from something I have read in the previous week. I'll kick it off with this, from the introduction of Clive James' Cultural Amnesia (p. xxiii-xxiv):

The usual division is to treat our daily job as the adventure and our cultural diversions as a mere mechanism of renewal and repose. But the adventurous jobs are becoming more predictable all the time, even at the level of celebrity and conspicuous material success. Could there be anything less astonishing than to work day and night on Wall Street to make the millions that will buy the Picasso that will hang on the wall of our Upper East Side apartment to help convince us and our guests that we are lucky to know each other?

... The real adventure is no longer the job. ... The real adventure is in what we do to entertain ourselves. ... But even the entertainment can no longer be adventurous if it serves a purpose. It will be adventurous only if it serves itself.

I thought this was an interesting take on priorities. It also tracked with an article I read in the New York Times last week, about people who work hard in what are probably not very exciting seasonal jobs for part of the year, and then spent months traveling with the money they saved from those jobs:

“Make as much money as I can in the summer, and stay away as long as I can in the winter — until I’m dead broke” is how (Emerson) Breneman, 26, described his lifestyle, and in that he’s hardly alone.

It sounds marvelous. If only I could get health insurance with that.