After the feast comes the logy

A final post from Stephen King's The Gunslinger. About a hundred pages in, the title character has been traveling across a desert and has just met a boy who has given him food and water:

He ate and drank until he felt logy, and then settled back.

I wasn't sure what this meant, though from the context I would have guessed it meant satisfied.

Nope. I looked it up, and it means "sluggish" or "groggy." Remember that when everyone is slumped on the couch tomorrow night.

American Heritage and Merriam-Webster Online give slightly different etymologies:

  • AHD: Perhaps from the Dutch log, meaning heavy or a variant of the English loggy, meaning heavy, sluggish, from log, from the Middle English logge.
  • M-W: Perhaps from Dutch log; akin to the Middle Low German luggich, meaning lazy.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! (And happy Nov. 26 to my British, Aussie, Canadian and other readers abroad!) See you all next week.