Beat the Word Nerd, Redux

Via the folks at Quite Interesting (specifically their Twitter, @qikipedia), a word game, and a revival of Beat the Word Nerd: Word Bubbles gives you three letters, and you have to come up with as many words that start with those letters as you can in one minute. You go three rounds to get a final score. There's a bit more to it, but it's easy to pick up.

I went seven rounds, all in the name of research, of course. Also, addiction.

The game is under the site's "flexibility" category, and it's a good description. Once you get locked into a certain root, it is hard to get your mind to chase other words. For instance, I got sac- as a starter, and flamed out after running down all the sacr- words like scared and sacrifice.

Here are my scores in the order I got them, and here is the link to the game. Post your scores in the comments. If my Monday Quiz Challenges were any indicator, I am soon to be put to shame. Sweet!

  • 930
  • 1350
  • 1260
  • 1560
  • 1680
  • 1890 (High score!)
  • 1860