Talk Wordy to Me mug, t-shirt profits will be donated to ACES Education Fund

The American Copy Editors Society has an Education Fund, which has the following goal:

Finding and hiring talented copy editors has always been challenging, but a world hungry for information needs copy editors more than ever. To help meet that need, the American Copy Editors Society has awarded scholarships to deserving students since 1999.

The fund now has over $150,000 and is self-sustaining. But the more it grows, the more it will be able to support future copy editors. ACES members were challenged at the conference last weekend to help make that happen.

To that end, I've decided that any money I make on mugs and t-shirts through my Zazzle store (a buck or two per sale, plus a referral fee if you click on the link from this site) will be donated to the ACES Education Fund. If you like reading newspapers, magazines, books, Web sites, and any other words that are clear, accurate, and credible, please consider picking something up.