Wrap your pencil neck around this

The OED word of the day last Saturday was a good one: pencil neck. Even better, the first quotation the OED has for it is in the Philip K. Dick story Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? I love Philip K. Dick and I love this story, which was later turned into the great movie Blade Runner. Here are the OED definitions and quotations (contains language toward the end):

  • 1. A long thin neck.
  • 1968 P. K. DICK Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep? 79 I'll have to break your pencil neck. 1976 Washington Post 15 Mar. C9/1 Pinky's poor pencil neck isn't likely to develop added musculature. 2002 Sunday Times (Nexis) 16 June, I have a pencil neck but my shoulders are as wide as any man's.
  • 2a. An excessively studious or effete person; a person with a poor physique (as exemplified by a thin or scrawny neck); a weakling. Hence as a general term of abuse.
  • 1968 C. F. BAKER et al. College Undergraduate Slang Study (typescript) 169 Pencilneck, a person who studies a great deal. 1987 C. HIAASEN Double Whammy (1989) 244 Okay, pencil-neck, let's hear the bad news. 1990 N. BAKER Room Temperature ix. 73 They wouldn't even know what a pencil neck was until I ramped up and began a course of concentrated reading more fanatically comprehensive even than De Quincey's eighteen-hour-a-day burst at Oxford. 1991 Musclemag Mar. 109/1 Society has jobs for strong-men, just as it has jobs for pencil-necks. 2001 P. TSATSOULINE Russian Kettlebell Challenge i. 3 Poddubny made himself a 16kg cane{em}so he could amuse himself watching pencilnecks at coat checks drop it on their toes.
  • 2b. adj. Thin, scrawny; weak, effete.
  • 1977 ‘J. LEGEND’ (title of song) Pencil neck geek. 1987 Los Angeles Times (Nexis) 30 Mar. III. 3/1 Let's face it, we're a nation of pencil-neck wimps. 1998 J. CAHILL Meadowlands in Sopranos (television shooting script) 1st Ser. 43 You pencil-neck fuck, I could pop your head like a blister.