Copy Editors Do It With Style | New mugs and T-shirts to support ACES

In April, I started selling mugs and T-shirts with the Talk Wordy to Me logo to raise money for the American Copy Editors Society Education Fund. I have made $55 from them so far. Now I am debuting a new design, one that should be of broader interest to copy editors:

copy editors do it with style

My friend Lindsay Hack, a page designer at The Courier-Journal, donated her time to making that. She's awesome. (Lindsay also designs jewelry. She sells it on Etsy.)

And thanks to Andy Bechtel for refining my original idea.

Both the mugs and T-shirts have color and style customization options on the right side of the product pages in my Zazzle store. (Please use that link or the one in the right column of this site. I get an extra 15% for any sales made through those links, which contain a referral code.) I get 10% on each sale, plus the 15% for the referral, so 25% of your purchase will support ACES. I also get a bonus if sales reach certain targets.

The original Talk Wordy to Me mugs and T-shirts are still available as well.

Thanks in advance to everyone who buys something!