Headed north for the winter ... and beyond

I made a brief announcement about this on Twitter and Facebook yesterday, but I have accepted a new job, as the LMS editor for foreign and national copy at The Boston Globe. The responsibilities are similar to that of a slot editor or second reader at other newspapers. Whatever it is called, the job is to read after the copy editors, doing final checks on stories, headlines, and photo captions. The LMS or slot is often the last person to read a story before the pages are sent to the press. As my new boss Chris Morris describes the job:

  • "They are expected to be masters of style and are the ultimate headline writers -- fast and confident and dead-on. Ideally, they set pristine copy and make sure the tough questions have been asked. The slot really is the last line of defense."

I'm very excited about this. I've been working as a sports copy editor at The Courier-Journal in Louisville for nearly four years, but  I've been looking to work on the news side for a while. That has always been my vocation. This is really a great opportunity, with more responsibility than I have now.

Though sports was never my thing, I've learned and grown a lot as an editor here, and I'm grateful that they took a chance on me. (I plan on writing more about the C-J closer to when I leave, which will be Oct. 10.)

I start at the Globe on Oct. 20. I have a lot to do between now and then, so posting might be somewhat reduced here for a while. I'll try, though.