Here's Taaaaaalkwordy

Wow. It's been a long couple-three weeks. I've had my first week at The Boston Globe. I am going to be a slot editor, but I've been working on the rim to start absorbing as much as I can before I take on those responsibilities. It's going well. I'm living in a temporary place in Quincy, Mass. It's a city just south of Boston, and it's a pretty decent commute from here to the paper, which is in the Boston neighborhood Dorchester, on the south side of the city. (South of Southie.) I spent the last week looking for an apartment. I found one on the first floor of a Victorian in Quincy that I liked  a lot, and it looks like we'll be signing a lease for it this week. So things are getting settled and regular blogging shall resume.

Life is good.

Lauren is still in Kentucky, and the movers are coming on Wednesday. She flies up Thursday. Can't wait. I miss her. We used to do the long-distance thing, but the past two weeks have been the longest we haven't seen each other in more than three years. I'll feel like this is all real once she is here.