Words of Others | Kick Their Faces In

Warren Ellis, a comic-book writer whom I have come to like a lot, wrote a piece in the Guardian last week about why movies about aging action heroes area appealing. This comes on the heels of the release of the movie Red, based on Ellis' three-part comic of the same name:

  • "The allure of the idea is right here. No matter how done you think you are, one day something might happen that makes you prove yourself to be just as good as you always were. ... These stories tell us we cannot be dispensed with, that it's wrong when we're discarded, that we'll have one last chance to win."

He also throws in this line, not about old action stars, but it's one of those lines that make me love Ellis:

  • "The engine driving the Bourne films is that, in a time of email and ubiquitous mobile phones, people just won't leave us the hell alone, and maybe one day we, like Jason Bourne, will get sick of it and kick the crap out of all of them."