A poem for everyone who works blizzards and holidays

I left home early today to get into work because we are having a blizzard, and I'm staying in a hotel tonight near the paper since the storm is supposed to continue until after I have to be here tomorrow. The roads were OK coming in, so I got here  an hour early. And since I clearly have too much time on my hands, I wrote some bad poetry:

Twas the night after Christmas, and all through the Hub* Not a creature was stirring ... Now wait a sec, bub! You say that there's too much wind and snow out there? That all are snug and warm in their homes without care?

You forget about police, and the firefighters too, And the nurses and doctors waiting in the ICU. What about drivers with post-Christmas orders? What about soldiers guarding our borders?

Some look outside at the fast-piling drifts, And think there is  no way they'd go out in this. So they call up and ask for a pizza delivered, Out came a driver with pepperoni and extra shivers.

What about reporters scrambling for deadlines? What about copy editors writing snow headlines? Photographers, designers, editors, and interns, Making newspapers filled with worldly concerns.

And after the journalists' work is all done, The drivers bring papers hither and yon, To newspaper carriers, on foot and in cars, Who toss the old Globe into front yards.

TV anchors, producers, reporters in the field, Meteorologists, sweating out what predictions yield. To the top of the ratings! To the top of them all! They're out there when most are safe within walls!

We protect and we serve and we keep people informed, On days when most long to stay inside and be warm. And don't forget this includes holidays too, Christmas and New Year's and Labor Day barbecues.

I know that the poem should be longer than this, But I fear I've already gone on more than you wish. And besides I am probably running out of time, For the blizzard means we have early deadlines.

*The Hub is what some call Boston, as in, "The Hub of the Universe." (Yes, I know, it makes me roll my eyes too.) It grew from an Oliver Wendell Holmes comment that the Boston State House is the hub of the solar system.