A bit of St. Patrick's Day follow-up

So I had an op-ed about my parents in the Philadelphia Inquirer for St. Patrick's Day last week. I've gotten a lot of nice notes, for which I thank everyone. But I wanted to share two songs that were sent to me via YouTube in response to the op-ed. The first is from my mom, an instrumental piece called Brian Boru's march. (Brian Boru is the Irish king I am named after.)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCu1UulgzPA?rel=0&w=640&h=390]

The second video was sent to me by a man named Mickey, along with a very nice note. I've never met Mickey, but I thank him for sharing Black 47's Bobby Sands, MP. Bobby Sands was the first Irish hunger striker to die in 1981 and was another central part of my op-ed. Here is the song and the lyrics:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8D_uN-73S0?rel=0&w=480&h=390]

My name is bobby sands, mp Born in the city of belfast Divided by religion I grew up fast

I was stabbed and i was spat upon My family run out of its home There was only one solution Turn the whole system upside down

But the system had other ideas I got lifted for carryin' a gun In a trial without a jury I got fourteen years from the judge

Screws beat me regularly But they couldn't break me because I had the love of my comrades And a burnin' faith in my cause

Still i left a girl outside pregnant Married her while on remand Now i got a son and a pain in my heart When he doesn't recognize his old man

Your soul's on ice oh oh oh oh But they can't stop the desire To break on out oh oh oh oh When your heart is on fire

We wouldn't wear their convict clothes So they stripped us to the bone Threw in some threadbare blankets.....

And when they jeered us about our nakedness As we slopped out down the halls We wouldn't come out of their prison cells We smeared shit on their prison walls

Stuck in an eight foot concrete box With a bible, a mattress And the threat of violence every day....

Can i make it through these fourteen years Will my son remember my face I don't blame her for the separation But for christ's sake let him keep his name

Your soul's on ice oh oh oh oh But they can't stop the desire To break on out oh oh oh oh When your heart is on fire

Five simple things we ask of them Five simple things denied But thatcher will not compromise....

I ask my mother's permission To finally break her heart We have come to a decision ......hunger strike

Three comrades starve behind me I pray to god that my Death will lead to compromise....

I can no longer see your face My bones break through my skin I'm goin' back to belfast city You can't cage my spirit in

Your soul's on ice But they can't stop the desire To break on out When your heart is on fire