New mug and T-shirt to raise money for ACES

Last year, I put up two designs for mugs and T-shirts to raise money for the American Copy Editors Society Education Fund, which gives scholarships to aspiring copy editors. (You can read  my original post about it here.) I raised $86.01 for the fund and sent it in at the end of the year. Now I am launching a third mug and T-shirt design, to coincide with the start of today's ACES conference in Phoenix. Behold!

This one was designed by my friend Patrick Garvin, who works in the graphics department at the Globe. He blogs here and tweets here.

You can find the mugs and T-shirts here. (Please use that link. I will raise an additional 15% when that link, or the one on the right side of the blog, is used because it counts as a referral.) The mugs and shirts show in a basic white, but there is a very wide variety of styles of each available. And though the image they show of the T-shirts seems to have the image off center, I am assured by the software it is actually centered just fine.

Thanks in advance, and please spread the word!