My vow of silence (OK, my neglect of posting) is over.

I was told a week or so ago that my blog had gone gray in Google Readers, a sign that I am inactive. Gee, I don't FEEL inactive.

But of course, I have been on Talk Wordy to Me. My last post, on April 29, was the day before Lauren and I started looking at houses. We found one 10 days later. We made an offer, and it was accepted so fast that when the real estate agent called us I thought we'd left something behind at his office.

And then things got crazy, and Talk Wordy got left behind. We closed at the beginning of July, and moved in the middle, and we are now finally climbing out of the mountain of boxes and approaching normalcy. So I'm back, with a bit of a redesign on the blog and new helpings of word nerdery ready to go.

As always, thanks for reading.