On turning 30, and chasing dreams

So I turned 30 today. I feel like I have mostly figured out being an adult, or as my mom put it on Twitter, "30 is when I stopped worrying what other people thought of me -- very liberating." I also feel really good about what I am doing with my life. I'm married to my best friend. I have a little house, and two cats. A good job, despite the cloud that has been hovering over newspapers for many years now. And of course, I have Fireside, which I hope I will never stop grinning about. I've tried a lot of side projects in fits and starts, like writing, and some of them I hope I get back to, but Fireisde is the first one I've stuck to. It's hard work, but it makes me so happy.

A friend of mine who is in his 30s referred to himself on Twitter as a "failed" writer and blogger. I hate seeing stuff like that, and I told him:

1. You're not a failed anything till you're dead. 2. Not even then. Homework: "Eulogy" by Frank Turner.

I pointed him to the song "Eulogy" (which I can't find a legit version of online but go Spotify it or whatever) because it says that as long as you spend your life chasing those dreams, you have done well:

I may not be the perfect kind of person, I may not do what mum and dad dreamed, but on the day I die, I'll say at least I fucking tried. That's the only eulogy I need, thats the only eulogy I need.

We have our whole lives to chase our dreams. Don't let yours slip away.